Q. How do I connect with my pet sitter?

A. A FREE phone consultation session may be scheduled to give me
the opportunity to discuss the needs of you and your pets. An
in-person Meet & Greet session requires a $20.00 deposit that will be
applied to your first service when you hire me. I will visit you and your
pet in your home. At this time we can discuss the services needed.

Q. How will the pet sitter gain access to my home?

A. Please have a key available when I arrive for the Meet and Greet or
the first day of service. This will avoid a fee for a future pick-up key

Q. Do I need to sign a contract?

A. Yes. I would need a signed agreement stating that you agree to let
me into your home for pet services.

Q. What about insurance and bonding?

A. Dee's Pet Sitting is fully insured by Pet Sitter Associates, LLC and
bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. You will receive
documentation of my credentials at the meet and greet along with a
list of my references.

Q. How will I be charged for services?

A. Payment is due upon the first visit. Cash or check only please,
made out to Denise Kametler.

Q. What if I need to cancel service I have already scheduled?

A. If you need to cancel a scheduled visit, please courteously give me
notice as soon as possible so that I can better serve my other clients.
Dee's Pet Sitting  5139 Lincoln Ave Whitehall, PA 18052  610-704-8381