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Dee & Kenzie
Pet sitting for 3 dogs, cat, and fish. Stayed with
the animals every  day. Let them out and fed
them as instructed. Even had to give
drops/medication to sick dog. Denise was great.
Came on time. Texted us to let us know how it
was going. She loved our pets and they loved
her. The house was just as clean and even more
tidy than we left it. Very efficient!

Matt and Greta
Dee was on time for her preliminary
visit. She got along great with our
dogs. She took detailed notes about
the routine. She sent photos and
updates about our pets while we were
away. She even cleaned up our
house and walked all 4 of our dogs
so we could have a real easy state
while we were away on vacation.
With 4 doggies and a kitty, how could
we do without Dee!

Dan and Tracy
Dee is our pet sitter and cleans for us.
We are very, very, pleased!

Bill and Beth
Barney, Smoky, and Daisey
Dee is a warm and
loving caregiver. Ella
loved her company as
she seemed to miss her
after she left!

Judy and Bruce
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This is what some of my clients have said about my services:
My cat Roxy

I went to New York for surgery. I don't know what I
would have done without Dee.

Julia and Paul
Lucy and Dude
Dee stayed at my home to care for my dogs.
Made sure they had their medications. This was
for 4 days and  nights. My dogs loved her and I
love her. She is one of the nicest ladies I ever
met. Kept me informed on how the dogs were
doing and if she had a concern. I plan on using
her house cleaning service as well.

Barbara and John
It was great. Dee met Porter before we
agreed to have her stay and they got
along very well. It was a  great
experience and we will use her again!
Much better than a kennel.

Zach and Stevi
Georgia and Jeter

Our Dachsunds love Dee and she is
very good to them! They love their
walks with her.

Bob and Liz
We appreciate your dog service. It's nice to have someone to depend on when
planning a vacation. It's alway nice that Dee gets back to us quickly so we know it's
ok to "book" a flight, etc. She always pays so much attention to our dog. I think she
loves him as much as we do. He loves that she takes him for walks and gives him
plenty of LOVE! Thanks for providing us with your pet sitting services. We are the
ones who feel privileged.

Richard and Rinet
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be in business if it weren't for
Denise. She is generally that vital to my being able to do my
job. I never have to worry about leaving the animals with
Dee. They all love her to bits! She's extremely conscientious
about following any instructions I leave, and is quick to check
with me if she ever has any questions. It's a huge comfort to
me, knowing that she spends time here. She comes and
stays. She's not one to pop in and out the door.

Dee is great! We just moved into an apartment and
if we couldn't find someone to stay over night with
our dogs, we would have to cancel our vacation. We
found Dee through Angie's List & she is the best.
She took such good care of our dogs. She sent
updates every day & even sent pictures of their
walks. I don't think Molly & Sabrina missed us at all.
We would not hesitate to recommend her & would
definatly use her service again.

Pat & John
It was such a relief to have found Dee to take
care of our two furbabies while we were away.
She kept in touch and even sent us pictures of
them. We were glad we didn't have to put them in
a kennel and they could stay in their own home.
We will definitely hire Dee again!

Sharon & Jim
We had always relied on family for pet sitting and tried a kennel last
time. The kennel was good, but our Izzy didn't seem to like it. She
can be a bit shy. It was great not having to worry about taking them
somewhere, and even better knowing our pups were happy. She
kept the house clean and everything. It was so great to find Dee
who stayed right at our house. Both the dogs liked her in no time!
She sent us pictures and kept us up to date on how they were
doing and was nice enough to even vacuum up the dog hair before
she left! We all agree our dog sitting goes to Dee!

Becky & Rusty