My name is Denise Lynn Kametler and I have always
enjoyed the love of animals! Since I was a little girl, I
always wanted them around me. They give
us unconditional love and need it also in return.

I grew up in the small local town of Limeport, PA . My first
job was working at a kennel and I loved it. Then I knew for
sure that I needed to work with animals. After the kennel
and some odd jobs, I decided to start my pet sitting
business. It started very small, having a dog or cat in my
home. For the first 2 years I was busy and the advertising
was only by "word of mouth".
Each year I had more clients and when I decided to
advertise and my family business grew. I understand how
important it is for pet owners to be at ease while they are
away. I moved to Whitehall, PA and have been serving
the Lehigh Valley for over 20 years now. I have one kitty
named Roxy.
Cindy Lou and Makenzie
Dee's Pet Sitting  5139 Lincoln Ave Whitehall, PA 18052  610-704-8381